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3 hrs of Chair Massage
25 min. chair massage
75 min. chair massage
105 min. chair massage
165 min. chair massage
225 min. chair massage

Great massage for chronic pain or simply a true "full body massage"!

SPECIALIZED MASSAGE:115 min. Prenatal pampering

15 mins of prenatal specific massage techniques, aromatherapy, with bolsters and positions to ease the transitions of pregnancy in the body and support the mother to be's mind, body and spirit through the entire process of pregnancy.

SPECIALIZED MASSAGE: 115min Psoas soothing massage

specific massage techniques to address the deep low back/hip muscle called the psoas that is often the culprit of chronic low back pain and many other ailments that stem from a dysfunctional psoas. Enhancements such as aromatherapy, hot stones, cupping, etc. may be used to further aid in healing.

SPECIALIZED MASSAGE: 115 min Ashiatsu massage

barefoot deep tissue massage that provides relief from chronic pain and tension by using gliding strokes and compression techniques in addition to a fusion of other massage modalities providing ultimate relief.

OUT CALL: 60 min chair massage

within 15 miles of SF or Weed, CA. Additional parking or toll fees may be applied. Willing to travel further with negotiated travel fee

OUT CALL: 105 min. massage

within 15 miles of SF or Weed, CA. Additional parking or toll fees may apply. Willing to travel further for negotiated fee. customized to your needs. Table, Linens, music, and oil all brought to you in the comfort of your home Additional parking or toll fees may be applied

TREATMENT ADD ON: 45 min Custom Herbal foot soak and massage

15 min soak 30 min foot massage

TREATMENT ADD ON: 30 min PNF & ROM stretching
TREATMENT ADD ON: 30 min full body dry brush exfoliation

Stimulates lymph drainage, supports kidney function, and improves quality of skin.

TREATMENT ADD ON: 45 min Slimming and detoxifying Jade and Ginseng wrap

15 min slimming and detoxifying foot soak, 30 min organ massage with slimming and detoxifying jade and ginseng Jadience serum then wrapped to retain heat for remainder of massage

TREATMENT ADD ON: 30 min abdominal massage

Great enhancement for any massage, wraps, low back and hip work, chronic pain, organ dysfunction, weight loss or restricted shallow breathing

ENHANCEMENT: Hot stones & Steamed towels
ENHANCEMENT: Medical marijuana massage

THC and CBD rich oils applied liberally to entire body during massage to promote deep chronic pain relief and stress relief

ENHANCEMENT: Jadience stress relief and detox

Adaptogenic herbs and Jade applied to the body via foot soak and luxurious massage lotion to have detoxify the body and assist your body's natural defense to stress.

ENHANCEMENT: Himalayan salt stone and exfoliation

84 minerals deposited back into the body to balance pH and electrolytes, lower blood pressure, and relieve muscle pain. Warm salt stones are massaged over the body and an exfoliation treatment is applied to the back and feet.

ENHANCEMENT: Jadience muscle and joint relief

Chinese herbs and Jade applied to body via foot soak and luxurious massage lotion to repair damaged tissue, reduce pain, improve circulation and speed recovery time.

ENHANCEMENT: Doterra aromatherapy

Customized use of doterra essential oils diffused, internally or externally specific to needs and also includes an essential oil take home gift to further the benefit and to promote self care specific to needs.

ENHANCEMENT: Medical Massage Cupping

Used for chronic pain, moving lymph and increasing circulation and improving the appearance of skin. Good for face or body!

60 min. Private yoga session
90 min. Private yoga session
PACKAGE:3.5 hour Muscle and Joint therapy spa package

75 min. Yoga, 15 min Foot soak and pampering, 105 min hot stone massage including muscle and joint Jadience products completed with heating and/or icing treatment.

PACKAGE:3.5 hour stress relief and detox spa package

75 min. Yoga, 15 min. Foot soak and pampering, 105 min. hot stone massage including stress relief and detox Jadience products completed with a detoxifying and tightening herbal wrap.

PACKAGE: Shankara Ayurvedic spa package

30 min Yoni steam and Herbal foot soak 3.5 hr hot stone massage using Shankara Ayurvedic oils specific to your Dosha's needs and includes an exfoliation using Shankaras Tri-doshic balancing exfoliation for the hands, feet, and back followed by a Shankara body silk. The massage finishes with Shankaras Face and Scalp oil massage and a Shirodara (warm oil poured on the 3rd eye for ~ 15 mins) Integration time is including in the end to lay and relax followed by final head massage to work in excess oil into hair and prepare for finishing treatment

OUTCALL: 90 min private yoga

within 15 miles of San Francisco or Weed, CA Willing to travel further with negotiated rate