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Would you like to share how BlyssTherapy has helped you? Please send me a copy of your testimonial at [email protected] or Log on to Yelp

"massage by blyss" in Weed, CA to leave a review. Your feedback is always appreciated! 

Scott M.

Los Angeles, CA

One of the best Massages I have had in awhile. She makes extensive use of hot towels and back warmer. It really helped me relax.

I highly recommend the massage here!

Mona Lisa O.

Alameda, CA

Blyss is a gifted healer and the best massage therapist I've ever been to (and I've been to a lot!). I finally found a massage therapist who I will follow anywhere.

Her presence is unbelievably strong and powerful. She uses her intuition alongside her honed skills to give your body exactly what it needs. She manages to melt all my stresses away, both mentally and physically, every time I see her. I literally don't know how I'd get by without my monthly massage from her.

Tip: Book her for at least an hour and a half. An hour is just not enough time with Blyss!

If you're looking for a massage therapist who embodies a holistic lifestyle and truly cares about your well-being on the massage table and beyond, go to Blyss. I recommend her 110%

Randy Macdonald

Mount Shasta, CA

Blyss is top notch She is extremely intuitive - my body feels great!

Diane Brissette

San Jose, CA

I will not go to any other massage therapist after meeting you. for over four years regardless of where I reside, in the bay area, northern California, or southern Oregon I wait until I see you. I appreciate your willingness to travel with all your equipment to work on my stressed and achy body. Your work is superior and I say this with confidence because I have lived in Hawaii and have had many massages by amazing therapists. After my massages with you the pain and knots in my shoulders are gone. This seems to be my only time where I am able to relax and truly pamper myself. Your massages are like medicine to my soul. You are under priced for the work you do, but because you are so honest and caring I am able to afford the treatment necessary for me to heal myself. Thank you for everything and keep up the good work, we all need you.


Debbie S.

Los Gatos, CA

One of the best massages I have ever had. My husband agrees. Blyss is an incredible massage therapist and an incredible human being. She radiates goodness. I love the deep tissue work, she really gets in there deep. I have had many massage therapists that don't get deep enough for me. Blyss is fantastic. Great massage, great person and great price. Best buzz for your buck out there!